commUNITYpbx available throughout the UK

DRAMATICALLY Cut Your Business Costs With Our VOIP Telephone System.

With our amazing new commUNITY telecoms service you can now host your complete business telephone system and save thousands each year through no traditional line rental charges and low call charges.

  • Lower call charges, typically 35-50% off the price of a standard call through KC or BT.
  • Per Second Billing on all calls.
  • Free office to office calling from anywhere in the world.
  • Extend it to your home office too.
  • No more expensive line rentals
  • Additional business features included for free.
  • No costly equipment.
  • Moving premises? No problem - take your numbers with you.


More about commUNITY:


commUNITY Hosted VoIP is a full featured PABX replacement service where users and features can be rented on a monthly basis. All services and applications are delivered over dedicated data circuits, bypassing the customer need for on-site telephone system ownership and BT lines. This provides enterprise feature sets for business of any size without the support and management costs of 
owning technology assets.


 Five More Benefits You Need To Know About commUNITY


1. Reduced Capital Cost
You no longer need to purchase spare capacity in advance. 
Simply pay for services as you consume them each month 
or Pre-Pay for 36 or 60 months for additional discount.

2. Open Standards
There is no technology lock-in with commUNITY. Our 
SIP based system is open standard allowing you to re-use 
handsets on alternative systems.

3. Admin Made Easy
All changes can be made in real-time through our Uboss 
web portal. New users plug their phone into the network 
and it will configure itself with their profile including DDI 
number and hunt group membership.

4. Reduced Ongoing Costs
There is no need for local BT lines and their associated cost. 
All service is delivered over a WAN data connection.

5. Network Redundancy
Our network is geographically redundant, highly available 
and fully secure.


If you are in doubt why not book a demonstration and see it working for yourself.

Contact us today to find out more: 0845 555 2 111